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The Starbucks app is super useful for the coffee enthusiast. Create drinks, find nutritional information and the nearest Starbucks location, all using your iphone or ipod touch. The app will locate where you are in proximity to the nearest Starbucks. The green pins represent all Starbucks Stores. Drag the map to the area you’d like to find a store. Tap on the green pin to see more information. You’ll see if the store is currently open, and the address. Tap the blue arrow, and you’ll get more information including directions, phone number and an option to add to myStores to easily find later in your myStarbucks section. Tap the myStarbucks icon in the lower left hand corner. You can browse your personally selected stores, drinks, coffees and food. Tap myDrinks and a list of your drinks and your friends come up. In the myDrinks section you see exactly how you or your friends take your drinks, and the nutritional information. For example, Nick likes a Grande upside down Cinnamon Dolce Frappuccino Blended Coffee. You have the option to share with him or with others for future reference. Back in the myStarbucks section, take a look at the food section. Your favorite breakfasts, lunches and snacks come up in a list. Again you can find out the nutritional information, as well as when that particular food is available seasonally. And for people with food allergies, you can find out if you should or shouldn’t indulge in a particular treat. This bagel contains wheat and milk, so you will know what you’re getting into.

You can add all your favorite food items by clicking on the food tab at the bottom of the screen. Select a category, and scroll through to find a food item that you are curious about, or might be one of your favorites. Click add to myFood to find it later.

Create a drink by tapping the drinks icon on the bottom center of the app. Choose hot or cold beverage first. Next, the type of drink you want. Chai Tea Latte sounds great for a hot summer day. Choose your size, and see your drink change shape! Next customize it exactly to your specifications. Choose your milk, nonfat, 2%, soy, your choice. Click Done to make your selection. Chai lattes already have Chai extract in them. You can add or decrease in the syrups tab, or for extra sweetness, add a little raspberry. Again, you can increase or decrease the amount of syrup pumps you want in your drink. The preparation tab give you even more options, and I like my raspberry stirred around, so I take my drink pre-stirred. Check it off and click done. Iced Venti 3 pump raspberry soy stired tazo chai tea latte. Say that three times fast. Better yet, save it for later use. Give it a name, I’ll call this one summer since its a great summer treat.

Create drinks and add foods til your heart desires! Enjoy the myStarbucks app!


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