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</p> <h1> &#8211; Skee-Ball</h1> <p>iPhoneAppDemos, Skee-Ball, Freeverse Inc., Games, iPhone, App Demos</p> <p>

Bring the fun of the boardwalk to the palm of your hands with Skee-Ball, an American Classic. Just hit play to start the game. Using your finger to aim, flick the ball up the ramp and into the cup to score points. When one of the cups is lit, just flick the ball into it to get a bonus multiplier and watch your points rack up! Tilt the iPhone or iPod touch to add spin for those hard to reach shots. If you want to keep playing, just click on More. To go back to the main menu, click on Done. So now what do you do with all the tickets you’ve just won? Just click on Redeem to shop for cool virtual prizes. Click on loot to see the prizes you’ve already won, you can even use items you’ve won in your next game! Skee-Ball is 100 years old, but has never felt more modern!


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