Lemonade Tycoon

Posted on 23. Mar, 2010 by in Games

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Lemonade Tycoon is the classic lemonade selling game from our youth. When you open up the app, you can choose a new career or challenge, or you can load a previous game. Once you’ve loaded the game of your choice, you’ll see the weather for that day along with your current supplies and profit. To tweak your lemonade recipe, click on Recipe, then adjust the lemons, sugar, and ice cubes to make the perfect pitcher of lemonade. To stock up on lemons and other items, click on supplies. Then go ahead and purchase cups, lemons, or other supplies you might be running low on. To change your price and how much you spend on advertising, click on Marketing, then adjust to fit your stand’s needs. To change locations, just click on Rent to see the different places you can set up your stand along with their day’s rent. When you’re ready to open for business, just click Start Day. To make the day go faster, click on the small white arrows. To skip to the end of the day, click on the two green arrows. While the customers come by, the icons above their heads will let you know how satisfied they are with your service. At the end of the day, you’ll get a breakdown of your revenue, stock used, your total cost, and your total earnings for that day. It’ll also show you your customer satisfaction, along with what your customers were unhappy about. Now what do you do with all the money you’ve made? Go shopping of course! Just click on Upgrades to see the different items you can buy to enhance your lemonade stand. Making lemonade has never been so sweet.


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  2. Dillon Martin

    05. Apr, 2010

    This game is free and very addicting. I couldn’t stop playing it until I have the ultimate lemonade stand.

  3. TomPier

    04. May, 2010

    great post as usual!

  4. forex robot

    04. May, 2010

    Keep posting stuff like this i really like it

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