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Whether you’re wasting time traveling, or taking a break from work, the Tetris app for the iPhone is great for the old school gamer in you. Just launch the application and start playing. Touching the Options tab allows you to turn the music on and off, or get rid of those pesky tutorials. Really, who doesn’t remember how to play tetris? If you have a long time to play, hit marathon. Select your starting level from 1 through 20. Remember, the higher the level you pick, the quicker your pieces fall. Hit play, and you’re off and running. Along the right you’ll see your pieces in queue. To rotate clockwise, you’ll tap the right side of the screen, and for counterclockwise tap the left side. To drop to the bottom slowly, drag the piece where you want it. If you want to drop quickly flick it fast. Once you have an entire row full of blocks it will clear from the board. You can also put one piece at a time on hold to save for later. Have fun playing Tetris and trying to beat your personal high score.


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