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If you’ve lost your board, and the only tiles you have left are l’s and q’s, download Scrabble for the iPhone to feed your craving. One of the greatest boardgames of all time, available to you in your pocket. The rules are the same. Play against the computer or start a solo game. The board has a great amount of spaces, so shuffle it left to right, or double tap to zoom in to where you are playing for a better view. Drag your letters onto the board in the spaces you want to play. Once you have your words in place, click the Play button in the lower right corner. If you have an incorrect combination the application will let you know where you went wrong. By hitting the recall button, the tiles are removed from the board so you can start fresh. If you want to play with a friend, both of you launch the app and start a multi-player game. Scrabble will notify you when its your turn so you can lay down your stellar bingo.


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