ESPN Cameraman

Posted on 11. Mar, 2009 by in Games, Sports

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For the photohunt enthusiast you can practice your skills at home before heading out to the nearest sports bar. Download cameraman to your iphone or ipod touch and find the changes in tons of sports related photos. If you have played before, the app will save your game and reopen the next time you decide to play. Or you can just start a new one. There will be 5 differences in all between the two pictures. Tap on the area you find to be different from one photo to the next. It doesn’t matter if you tap on the left or right. If you are having trouble you get three hints. Tap on the camera and it will show you one of the changes. If you think you’ve found something but it’s not a change, the picture will move slightly left to right telling you that you’re incorrect. For each incorrect move, the time will drain a little faster from your game. You will earn points the faster you complete the challenge. For each game you get three lives, so make them count!


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  1. Susan Klark

    11. Mar, 2009

    Love this app! Should check out Cameraman Deluxe too…

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