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</p> <h1> &#8211; SitOrSquat</h1> <p>iPhoneAppDemos, SitOrSquat, Densebrain Inc., Travel, Public Restrooms, Toilets, on the go, iPhone, App Demos</p> <p>

In desperate need of a clean, well-stocked public restroom? Check out Sitorsquat to find the nearest one! Just open the application, let it find your location, and you can easily find the nearest public restroom, it’s public rating, what amenities it has, and even what other people are saying about it. Click on the image on the top left to see detailed images of the restroom. Found a bathroom that isn’t up to your standards? Or one that’s outstanding? You can add this information via the Add Toilet button. Just type in the location of the toilet, and give it a rating. You can even let people know whether or not there’s a baby changing table, an attendant, or handicap accessibility.


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  1. Summer Camps

    20. May, 2009

    I got an iTouch this year and it can get these apps. The only problem is that since it’s not an iPhone, I don’t always have an internet connection. I guess I’d have to pay for phone service with AT&T in order to use this kind of app. :-(

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