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Posted on 13. Feb, 2009 by in Music

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Click on the video to learn about different functions of the Bebot Robot Synth Application. Bebot is a fun robot synthesizer you can play on your iPhone or iPod touch. Make more than one noise at a time by putting several fingers on the screen at the same time. There are also different filters, looping effects and synth modes to play around with. This is a fun application for people of all ages!

  • http://Website(optional) jonc

    I love this app, very fun to play with and the graphics are very responsive and endearing!

  • iest

    This app is so much fun!
    Never thought it would be as much fun as it actually is…

  • esotericsean

    Heh, well put together video demo. The ending was funny where the girl made it beep one last time.

  • Gary

    The band, Dream Theater uses Bebot onstage. I hooked my I phone up to an amp and mixer and now don’t need a keyboard player!

  • Louis

    Its a lot easier to play than the other keyboard apps, since you can choose which notes of the scale are playable…. if you want to listen to a song featuring Bebot as the main lead keyboard checkout my songwriting blog (Song #21 – Go On With Your Life)

  • Tallismaniac

    I used Bebot Robot Synth for the baseline in this track:

    it is awesome! I love it.
    also use iDrum App for the drums and recorded he whole thing in Reaper.


  • totomix

    Excellent post i am sure that i will come back here soon